Lasithi - Knosso

Enjoy a guided tour of the historical site !


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ActivitiesTradition, Landscape , Sightseeing

Visit the most famous and popular of all the attractions in Crete !


Οur first stop on the scenic route towards central Crete is the Monastery of "Kera Kardiotissa". It is dedicated to Virgin Mary; it is run by nuns and is locally known as Little Lourdes, with people making pilgrimages to pray for relief from their sins.

Then we drive south and reach the Plateau of Lassithi which numbers nearly ten thousand windmills. The Plateau is a wonderfully cool and fertile area where you will see small towns and a very warm welcome. Here we will have a short stop to visit the Monastery “Vidiani” which is dedicated to Zoodohos Pigi (The life-giving spring). The monastery hosts a small natural history museum, in collaboration with the University of Crete. After the lunch break in one of the local villages in Lassithi, we will visit the Dicti Cave where Zeus, the father of Greek Gods, was born.

While crossing the villages of the Plateau, we pay a short visit at a traditional potter's factory, seeing an ancient ceramic art, which completes today more than 8.000 years of history. Leaving the Plateau, we will see the views which are truly magnificent. A short photo-stop will complete the day in a perfect way.

At the end we visit the most famous and popular of all the attractions in Crete, the Palace of Knossos. Join your expert guide on a journey back of 5000 years into myths and legends and learn secrets of the oldest civilization in Europe, the Minoan. Enjoy a guided tour of the historical site that covers an area of 22.000m2 on 5 floors with 1.300 rooms, hear all about the legendary labyrinth and the Minotaur (the half-human monster).

Useful information about the tour

  • Schedule (May to October)
  • Places Covered :
  • Knossos (Minoan Palace), Kera Kardiotissa monastery, Psychro, Cave of Zeus (Diktaio Andro)
  • Not Included :
  • Knossos entrance fee: 15.00€
  • Kera: 2.00€ Dicti
  • Cave entrance: 6.00€
  • Notes:
  • Price per child: 31.00€

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